Excel Hemostasis Valve Y Connector


  • Y-Connector configuration with touhy-borst style adapter and rotating male luer
  • Designed to minimize fluid loss during interventional and diagnostic procedures
  • Unique flow adjustment design with large cap for smooth precision control
  • Snap-on cap to prevent dislocation and dropping from the sterile field
  • Increased sidearm angle for ease of use


  • Available Sizes 4.5 Fr 6 Fr 7 Fr 9 Fr
  • Standard product available in clear and purple polycarbonate, suitable for EtO and gamma radiation
  • Seals from fully open position to completely closed position with minimal turning of the cap
  • 510(k) – Available bulk, non-sterile
  • Molded and assembled in the U.S.A.


  • Rotating male luer and sidearm female luer compliant with ISO 594-1 & ISO 594-2
  • Manufactured with medical grade, USP Class VI, biocompatible materials
  • Does not contain materials of conflict origin
  • Regulatory raw material certifications available upon request